10 Fun alternatives to Lorem ipsum

10 Fun alternatives to lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum is a short paragraph of text which contains all the letters of the alphabet, and the characters are spread out evenly so that the reader's attention is focused on the layout rather than the content. It has been the standard dummy/placeholder text used in the printing and typesetting industry since the 1500’s.

Sometimes developers need to use placeholder text - to enable them to visualise the layout of a site before the final content is ready. But that doesn’t mean we have to stick with the somewhat boring lorem ipsum text. I’ve scoured the web and found some interesting alternatives for your next project!


Fillerama is a filler text generator with quotes from movies, tv shows, and more! What makes this one cool is there are several ways to customise the filler text - you can choose text, html or markdown and also specify whether to include headers, lists and inline styles.

DeLorean Ipsum Text Generator

Generate dummy text based on conversations between Doc and Marty from the Back to the Future trilogy! This generator allows you to choose the number of words, sentences or paragraphs required.

Cupcake Ipsum

Fancy something a bit sweeter? Cupcake ipsum is made up of endless baking and cooking terms that go on for as long as you need - this placeholder text would look yummy on a baking blog!

Pirate Ipsum

Ahoy me hearties! I think you can guess the theme of this swashbucklin' placeholder text generator ☠️ This site allows you to configure the number of words in a sentence, the number of sentences and the number of paragraphs to create your text.

Bacon Ipsum

Does your lorem ipsum text long for something a little meatier? Give the bacon ipsum generator a try! Choose the number of paragraphs and then select all meat or meat and filler and you'll generate some juicy placeholder text.

Heisenburg Ipsum

Heisenburg ipsum is perfect for you if your a big breaking bad fan. This ipsum generator allows you to choose from several characters on the show. You can specify the number of words, sentences or paragraphs to be generated. My favourite one has to be Hector Salamanca!

Corporate Ipsum

This generator is full of 'corporate speak' and allows you to select how many paragraphs you would like.

Cheese Ipsum

Add a little fromage to your ipsum text with this cheese inspired text generator - perfect for if you prefer a savoury treat. This generator allows you to choose the number of paragraphs and then specify whether they should be short, medium or long - its really 'grate'! 🧀

Samuel L. Ipsum

⚠️ This site, and the placeholder text it creates, contains adult language.

This site gives you classic Samuel L. Jackson lines for placeholder text. Simply choose the number of paragraphs required and if you'd like any headings or paragraph tags. I did note this site can be a little slower to load - but Samuel L. Jackson placeholder text is worth the wait

Hacker Ipsum

This list wouldn't be complete without a nod to the noble hacker - with its flashy green writing on a black background just like every hacker in every movie! This fun generator allows you to select the number of sentences and paragraphs created.

So which one is your favourite? I'd love to know which one you plan to try out in your next project, or if you know of any other fun generators that I've missed 😊

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