10 Handy Visual Studio Code Extensions Part II

Visual Studio Code is a highly versatile and customizable code editor, make it even better by choosing the right VSCode extensions. Since you loved my first Visual Studio Code recommendations here is the second installment!


Markdown All In One

This extensions provides all you need to write and edit Markdown files including keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview and more.

Download Markdown All In One


Peacock enables you customize your workspace colors for different projects. As a result, you can simply identify and switch projects easily. It is helpful for coders who develop multiple projects simultaneously and want a visual indication to help them keep track of which project they are working on.

Download Peacock


If you want to share snippets of your code, for your documentation or presentations, this plugin is so handy. Polacode lets you create screenshots of your code. You can also highlight specific code sections before you screenshot. Awesome!

Download Polacode


Prettier is an automatic code formatter and style enforcer. It pragmatically structures your code when you hit save. It warrants coherent and clean formatting, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Download Prettier

Settings Sync

If you work on multiple devices this extension is a necessity. It grants you the ability to synchronize your settings, shortcuts, extensions, snippets and key bindings over the multiple devices you utilize. It's really easy, you can sync your preferred settings to your GitHub accounts and voila!

Download Settings Sync


Tabnine is an AI powered code completion extension. It provides suggestions as you type based on your coding patterns. Boost your productivity and complete your project faster with Tabline.

Download Tabnine

TODO Highlight

If you're anything like me, I always write to do comments and end up forgetting all about them. This extension is a life saver. It highlights comments in your code to help you keep track of tasks. It highlights comments with specialized keywords like "TODO" or "FIXME" and creates a list of these tasks that you can easily refer to as you work.

Download TODO Highlight

Turbo Console Log

This extension makes debugging so much easier by automating the operation of writing meaningful console log statements.

Download Turbo Console Log


If you have a lot of files and folders in your workspace, save time navigating and use this plugin, that creates icons for your files and folders. You can easily differentiate what you're working on and I think it simply makes your vs code look prettier and more organized too.

Download VSCode-icons

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