10 Of The Best YouTube Channels To Learn Coding For Free

YouTube offers free education in a fun, entertaining way. If you’re interested in programming and desire to delve deep into it, or increase your skills, these YouTube channels will help you to do so.


Subscribe to sentdex and learn a wealth of extensive Python knowledge, including robotics, data analysis, finance, game development and more. With an excellent teacher and straightforward tutorials, you're Python knowledge will undoubtedly be expanded.

Checkout sentdex YouTube channel now


Never stop learning with thenewboston channel, that has a trove of tutorials on topics including django, react, angular, SEO, linux and many more. With 2.6 million subscribers it's certainly worth a shot.

Checkout thenewboston YouTube channel now

Derek Banas

This channel is a handy one as certain tutorials can be requested by subscribers, on any coding related topic. Derek never disappoints!

Checkout Derek Banas YouTube channel now

Krish Naik

Krish Naik specializes in data science. Explanations are easy to understand, so if you are confused in math or understanding algorithms this channel is for you.

Checkout Krish Naik YouTube channel now

The Cherno

If you're interested in developing your C++ knowledge I would highly recommend The Cherno. It deeply covers a lot of parts of C++ making learning so much easier.

Checkout The Cherno YouTube channel now

Traversy Media

Traversy Media features an impressive collection of web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript all the way through to frontend frameworks like Python, PHP and Node.js.

Checkout Traversy Media YouTube channel now

CS Dojo

Need to learn a new language that requires basic vocabulary? Look no further! It's a fantastic channel if you are willing to learn on your own and invest yourself in your career.

Checkout CS Dojo YouTube channel now


Boasting almost 8 million subscribers, freeCodeCamp needs no introduction. With everything from beginner tutorials to full courses it's a no brainer for coders!

Checkout freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel now

Programming with Mosh

Whether you want to excel in web development, mobile development or strengthen your fundamental software engineering skills, there is a video for you. Master popular programming languages, frameworks, and technologies with Mosh's clear, concise, and hands-on approach to learning.

Checkout Programming with Mosh YouTube channel now

Clever Programmers

Soft skills are such a vital part of our career, maybe much more important than technical skills, yet very few people talk about them. That's why I like Clever Programmers. The main topic of the channel is Python. After that, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flask, etc.

Checkout Clever Programmers YouTube channel now

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