10 Sites to Level Up Your UI Skills

UI, or User Interface, is anything that a user interacts with on your website, application, or any digital device. Want to take your UI skills to the next level? Try out the 10 sites below that will help get you there!

1. uicoach


Improve your design skills by creating a site based on a challenge brief. Each challenge provides you with the project idea, colour theme and fonts to be used, but the UI is all you!

This site allows you to generate challenges, view others submissions and also allows you to explore colour palettes and font pairings that may come in useful for future projects.

2. dailyui

dailyui site image

Daily UI is a series of daily UI design challenges.

Sign up for free and receive a unique challenge for 100 days. Challenges are sent Monday-Friday. Share your work on dribbble or twitter using their hashtag and randomly earn rewards along the way.

3. Pixact.ly

pixact.ly site image

How confident are you with your pixels?

Find out in Pixact.ly by drawing a box to match the dimensions given. You'll then receive a score based on how close you were to the original.

4. kerntype

Kerntype site image

Test your letter spacing with KernType. Once submitted, you'll be given a score and are given the option to see the solution.

This game has multiple levels and uses a number of different fonts.

5. Designercize

Designercize site image

Challenge your UI skills with whiteboard challenges used in interviews. Designercize allows you to select from 3 difficulty levels and adjust the timer. Can you create a user profile view for a price comparison site to help chefs in just 15 minutes?

6. What The Hex

What the Hex site image

Test your hex colour skills with What the Hex and see if you can correctly guess the correct colour based on the hex code. Want to increase the difficulty? Choose from one of 10 difficulty levels.

7. Typewar

Typewar site image

Available online and as an app, Typewar tests your knowledge of Typefaces. Earn Badges as you progress through the levels.

If you want to up the ante, there are also 11 quests for you to defeat.

8. Can't Unsee

Can't Unsee Site Image

A game where you need to choose the correct design. This game tests all your UI skills such as padding, fonts, image aspects, icons, shapes and contrasts to name just a few! But be warned, it can get addictive!

9. It's Centred That

It's Centred That site image

See if you have the eyes of a designer by judging whether the dots are placed in the middle of the shapes.

There are 10 shapes to choose from, and you'll need to complete them all to win the game! If you win and fancy some more, why not give the Christmas challenge a try? 🎄

10. Hex Invaders

Hex Invaders site image

Prevent the alien invasion with your superior knowledge of hex codes! Another fun game that puts your colour knowledge to the test.

Let me know which site is your favourite - or if you have a recommendation for an amazing UI site thats not here that you think should be!

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Written by Kera Cudmore

Junior Software Developer at the Met Office | Code Institute Alumna.


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