5 free illustrations for your next project

Would you like to know where you can get free illustrations for your next project? This article contains five websites where you can find free illustrations for a variety of purposes that you are looking for.

1.IRA Design
This website has various illustrations such as Characters, objects, and backgrounds. There are two things that I like about this website:

  • First, you have the option to choose from five different gradient colors.

Ira website illustrations

  • Second, you can download the illustrations in PNG and SVG format.

Ira website illustrations

Okay, so you don’t want colorful illustrations just black-and-white outlines? No worries this website has got you.

ira outline illustrations screenshot

If you are looking for illustrations with minimalistic colors or black-and-white outlines for your next project, then do not forget to check this website.

I know I know, Blush has pro features, and you need to pay, BUT, there are several other features and illustrations that are FREE. Okay let’s see some of its cool features:

  • You can edit the illustrations on the website:


As you can see above, I have changed the illustration background to green. In case your project is related to yoga, what better way to show it this way as mindfulness surrounded by positive energy?

  • So you want to edit and play with other parts of the illustration. Okay, let's do that:


In the above illustration, I have changed the skin, hair, glasses, pants, and boots of the reader to what I wanted. I love the new features of the reader, I might use them in my next project what about you?

  • There is also a shuffle option as you can shuffle through each similar illustration instead of scrolling and going through another page to look for similar illustrations, if you are lazy like me then this will come in handy.

There are other different illustrations that I want you now to go and check out. You might be able to find some cool illustrations for your next project.

This website has a bunch of free illustrations, beside changing the color of the illustrations, you can also make them animated. let’s see an example:

Before editing the illustration storyset illustration After editing the illustration After Business illustrations by Storyset

In the above illustrations, we can see that I have changed the color of the illustration and then changed it to animation. Also, you can animate any character or object in the illustration. Then you can save it as a gif or video file for FREE. It should be noted that this website wants you to give attribution to them. At least we can do that much, can’t we?

This site has 2D and 3D illustrations that you can use for your next project. Not all the illustrations on this website are free, but a good amount is. Therefore, better to check them out. Here is a view of the illustrations:


Still couldn’t find what you are looking for? Then check out unDraw which is another free illustration website. You can find illustrations in PNG and SVG format for any idea that you have with your chosen color. They have added new illustrations so don’t forget to check them for your next project. Let’s see some of their illustrations:

undraw illustration

Finally, we should remember to give credit to the sources above, even if they are free.
Let me know which one of these is your favorite.

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