5 Websites to Find Great Icons for Your Project

Several websites offer many options when finding the perfect icons for your project.

But to save you from separating the good from the bad, here are five-ish websites where you can find great icons:

1. Heroicons:

Heroicons provides a delightful collection of hand-crafted SVG icons. Designed for modern user interfaces, they offer outline and solid styles, making them versatile for various projects. Usually used in all the tailwind templates, they are becoming well-recognized and popular.

2. RemixIcon:

RemixIcon is a versatile icon library that caters to modern web and mobile applications. It offers a diverse range of icons designed to be used across various platforms and interfaces. With a focus on simplicity and clarity, RemixIcon's collection is well-suited for designers and developers looking for icons that can seamlessly integrate into their projects. The library features a broad selection of categories, making finding the right icon for any need easy. Whether it's for a user interface, marketing material, or app development, RemixIcon provides an array of options to enhance the visual appeal of your project.

3. Feather Icons:

Feather Icons is celebrated for its minimalistic and clean design. This open-source collection is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and elegance in their user interface designs.

4. Google Icons:

Part of Google's Material Design, these icons offer a consistent and unified aesthetic that complements a wide range of designs, especially for those adhering to Material Design principles.

5. Lucide.dev:

Lucide.dev offers a collection of clear and versatile icons. These icons are designed to blend seamlessly into various design styles, making them a great choice for diverse projects. They are ones that I have been reaching for recently since they are so clean and minimal.

Bonus Iconset.io:

As an additional resource, Iconset.io is a fantastic platform for discovering a variety of icon sets. It provides an easy-to-use interface for browsing and downloading icons, suitable for designers and developers. This one was mentioned in our Discord this morning and looks very promising. I haven't tried any of the libraries on the site yet, but it looks like a great option if you are searching for something different.

Each of these websites offers unique features and styles, ensuring you can find the perfect icons to match your project's aesthetic and functional needs.

Happy coding (or designing)! 💅

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