A Little Collection of Free Developer Resources 🚀

A short post just listing off some free resources you can use to keep learning without spending a penny.

The internet is a treasure trove of free information but finding valuable content can take time. The list of content here are things I have used throughout my career to learn and upskill.

I have avoided the usual YouTube channels since I have a tonne and I think it might be worth an entire article.

📚 Books

📹 Video Resources

📝 Cheat Sheets

🤓 Blogs

📈 Best Practices

💼 Interviews and Coding Practice

📦 Miscellaneous

Got recommendations I should add? Let me know in our Discord!

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Written by Niall Maher

Founder of Codú - The web developer community! I've worked in nearly every corner of technology businesses; Lead Developer, Software Architect, Product Manager, CTO and now happily a Founder.


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