Announcing: Free Monday Morning Mentor Sessions

How does starting your week with a boost of knowledge, mentorship, and community sound?

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new Monday Morning Mentor sessions!

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Our mission is simple: offering actionable insights, invaluable career guidance, and enriching peer discussions that elevate your web development journey.

In the world of web development, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out the right path. Recognizing this, we have made it our mission to help fellow developers find clarity and direction.

Whether you're just starting out or have been coding for years, everyone has moments where they seek guidance or fresh perspectives.

And now, you won't have to tread the path alone. Let's embark on this journey collectively, sharing insights, asking questions, and supporting one another.

The best part?

This mentorship is accessible to everyone. Join us for FREE on the Codú Discord and kick your week off on a high note!

Let's redefine Mondays together and set the stage for a successful and informed week ahead! 🌟

To get an invite to Discord, sign up for an account here on Codú, and we will email you a link!

When? ⏰

We plan on doing them every Monday at 10:30 am (GMT+1), but connect with us on Discord in case of any time changes.

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