Awesome Tech Personalities To Follow On Twitter🚀

Hey Awesome people👋 "The tech community is constantly evolving, and it's important to stay current and adapt to new technologies and ways of thinking." - Tim Cook

When I started in Tech as a beginner, I didn't know anything, but being engaged with a fantastic community on Twitter, I learned a lot. Can you imagine an app where people share their knowledge, their experiences and help each other, They Learn And Grow Together.

Do you wonder where that community is...🤔? Yesss..on Twitter.

Any community grows with the sharing of knowledge.

In this blog, we will explore profiles of some developers that are bringing change in the life of many devs in the best possible ways.

Let's all go over each one individually:

Tech Titans Of Twitter :-

Pratham Better known as "CSS King" on Twitter.

An engineering graduate, Pratham ( Ex -RapidAPI )

Providing content that simplifies a developer's life is ongoing.

Marko Denic

Full-Stack Developer.

Providing content related to HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Guiding people in web development and tech career development


Delivering quality content on MACHINE LEARNING.

Mind Blowing content related to Technology.

Walking beginners through the fundamentals of ML.

Ankur Tyagi

Writer, Consultant, and Developer.

Creatively introducing technical blogging to developers.

Strongly believe to better Soft skills for young developers.

Florin Pop

"Purple" Ambassador on Twitter😂.

Developer, You-Tuber, Working in a Startup.

Creating content on various Tech related stuff.

Shruti Balasa

Full Stack Dev, Tech Educator, YouTuber.

Create content on CSS, Tailwind CSS.

Managing a newsletter that covers CSS.

Csaba Kissi

Building a SaaS product in public.

Tweets about coding and how to turn code into profit.

Creates valuable content in Tech domain.

George Moller

Frontend Developer.

Creates content on HTML, CSS, JS & React.

Tweeting with visually stunning UI.

"Twitter is like a swarm of bees - a large group of people working together, sharing information and moving in the same direction." - Chris Brogan

Thanks for reading!! I hope you loved this! Have a great day, my friend💓

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