Career In Tech: My Journey So Far

My Tech Journey so far.....

Hey, Amazing individuals!!👋

I'm Aryan Sharma, and in this, I am on the way to telling you what made me be in the Developer field and continue to be in the technology world.

Growing up, it was always difficult to ask myself “What is it that I want to do for the rest of my life? ” Even though I had many hobbies and interests, it was difficult to see how any of these could manifest into a career. I did not know where to look to find my passion but somehow, I seem to have found it.

So as a child, I was always curious to know how things on mobile work. how apps are made? and such stuff.

BEGINNING OF MY TECH JOURNEY That time in School, we were taught about basic HTML tags( actually, not simple at that time😉).

By the end of High School, I learn HTML and basic CSS from sololearn

Once I got accepted into college in 2021 and tada.., I bought a laptop instead of coding on my smartphone. After learning JS, I created a few simple but exciting projects that included HTML, CSS, and JS.

Learning never exhausts the mind, Keep learning always!

WHAT EXTRA I DID TO STANDOUT MY KNOWLEDGE Along with learning skills and making projects, I participated in tech conferences and hackathons. The best part of these events is networking; I met many incredible individuals there, got to know their ideas, and picked up a lot of knowledge on the road.

I participated in 36 hrs long hackathon in a team, which was organized by Google Developer Group, and met many great minds there & discussed many ideas.

I joined 2 hackathons offline in a team where we have some meaningful projects. The best part of such time-limit hackathons is that we are time bound and our minds get trained to perform better under pressure.

Attended Devfest '22 organised by GDG Jalandhar and learned a lot from the mentors there.

STARTED OPEN SOURCE I am participating in OpenSource actively through various open-source programs. So far, I have participated in SSOC( Social Summer of code ), I contributed to various codebases in HACTOBERFEST, and won a Tee-shirt also.

Current learnings Currently, I am learning React(JavaScript framework) from Scrimba and also going with Code With Harry tut thoroughly.

I am looking for strong React skills to create fantastic projects for forthcoming hackathons.

I AM TRYING SOMETHING NEW I have started writing blogs and started creating content online, I believe:

Start your tech journey, everyone is unique, Everyone can make an impact & become an awesome developer.

I hope you loved this! Have a great day, my friend💓

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