Codú x MongoDB Meetup Recap

Codú and MongoDB partnered up to host an event for the tech community. As the sun set on this warm Thursday in Dublin, the meetup kickstarted with the presence of Carolina Lobo. Following her, Suhani Chawla dived into a fun MongoDB Trivia session and for the last talk, Niall Maher, founder of Codú, shared his expertise, talking us through building a full-stack modern web app with Next.js and MongoDB.

Full house, the event kicked off at 6 pm with plenty of networking, delicious pizza, and refreshing beer. The atmosphere was lovely, filled with a warm and welcoming community vibe, making it a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and broaden your network.

Carolina started the event by introducing Codú and the panel, and then extended a warm invitation to the community to actively participate in the open-source project or take on the ongoing writing challenge hosted by Codú.

The first talk of the night was Suhani Chawla, a product engineer at Protex AI, a MongoDB user group lead and GDG organizer. She shared her knowledge about databases, offering valuable insights on how she approaches them. To wrap things up in an engaging way, Suhani hosted a fun MongoDB trivia session, complete with some cool swag prizes for the winners.

In our second session of the evening, we had the privilege of hearing from Codú's very own founder, Niall Maher. He talked about connecting to MongoDB using a Next.js application that he specially developed for the event. The application is a URL shortener that is available for you to try out at this link.

Niall wrote this article to show how to set up a database connection to MongoDB with a NextJS application.

Important to mention a huge thanks to the awesome folks at MCS Group and Marsh McLennan for sponsoring the event. Also, a big shoutout to the MongoDB team who were right there with us, available to answer anyone's questions!

Two weeks ago Codú won the "Most Valued Community Member (Business)" award at the JavaScript Awards Ireland 2023, and as an exciting bonus, three tickets for the upcoming JSDay event on September 26th were raffled off to the attendees.

With all that in mind, the event provided a fantastic opportunity for learning, exploration, and networking. It was truly a delightful evening, and if you don't want to miss out on our next event, be sure to join us!

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