Converting an Image to a Data URI String in Node.js

In this short article, we'll explore how to convert an image into a Data URI string in Node.js.

Converting an image to a Data URI string involves reading the image file, converting it to a base64 string, and constructing the Data URI.

Here's how I created a function to do it:

const fs = require('fs');

// Create a function that takes an image path as a parameter
function toDataUri(imgPath) {
    // Read data
    const bitmap = fs.readFileSync(imgPath);

    // convert binary data to base64 encoded string
    const base64Image = new Buffer.from(bitmap).toString('base64');

    // Get image file extension
    const ext = imgPath.split('.').pop();

    // complete data URI
    const uri = `data:image/${ext};base64,${base64Image}`;

    return uri;

// Outputs your image URI

This script reads the image file, converts it to base64, and then constructs the Data URI. The imageToDataUri function takes the path to an image file as an argument and returns the Data URI string.

And that's it!

This simple function lets you easily convert any image to a Data URI string in Node.js. Happy coding!


This example assumes that the image file extension matches the image MIME type (e.g., 'jpg' for 'image/jpeg').

If you're dealing with images that might not follow this convention, you might need to use a library or additional code to determine the correct MIME type based on the image data.

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