Discord Rules Update!

If you are already in our Discord or hoping to join in, we have updated our rules in our community Discord, so please take a look and familiarize yourself with the updates.

Until now, we have been relatively relaxed about rules, but we will be more rigorous in the interest of safety and care for our community.

Here's the updated rules. 👇


1) Respect Everyone: Treat all community members with respect, regardless of their skill level, experience, or background. Any harassment, discrimination, or personal attacks will lead to an immediate and permanent ban.

2) No Direct Messaging Without Consent: Do not directly message other community members without their prior consent. Unwanted direct messages can be intrusive and are considered a violation of personal boundaries. If you wish to communicate privately with someone, ask them publicly if they are comfortable with receiving a direct message from you before initiating the conversation. Reports of unsolicited direct messaging will be taken seriously and may result in punitive action.

3) Use Appropriate Language: Keep all conversations respectful and professional. Avoid using offensive or derogatory language. This includes any form of hate speech, racial slurs, or sexually explicit content.

4) Stay On-Topic: Each channel in the server is dedicated to a particular topic or purpose. Please keep your discussions relevant to the channel topic. Off-topic posts may be moved or deleted.

5) Avoid Spamming: Do not spam the chat or any other part of the community with messages, images, or emojis. This includes self-promotion, advertising, and soliciting. Do not duplicate messages across channels.

6) Share Knowledge Freely: We encourage members to help each other. Feel free to share resources, tools, and advice. However, do not provide complete code solutions for someone's homework or project; guide them toward the solution instead.

If you see anyone breaking these rules, please report them to a moderator or admin.

Remember, this is a community for learning, sharing, and growing. Let's keep it a welcoming and friendly place for everyone.

Thank you for being part of our community and helping to make it a fantastic place.

Happy Coding!

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