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What is a Favicon?

A favicon is a fun little icon that promotes brand recognition and trust in your website. It can also help users easily identify your site in their address bar, bookmarks or in the sea of tabs they have open.

A favicon can also indirectly affect your sites SEO. Some search engines display the favicon with the search results, and having an eye-catching favicon could improve your click through rate!

Adding a favicon to your site doesn't have to be difficult, and I've rounded up 5 sites for you to use to create your next custom favicon!

1. Favicon.io

Favicon.io site image

This has been my go-to favicon generator, due to its ease of use.

You have a choice between text, image or emoji when generating your favicon, and they even give you the code to make adding a favicon to your static site a breeze!

2. Real Favicon Generator

Real Favicon Generator Logo

Confused about which sizes and devices your favicon covers? Well Real Favicon Generator has got you covered! Real Favicon Generator have done all the research and testing and will craft the perfect favicon to suit each platform, and display a preview for you along with some settings that can be tweaked, allowing you to get your favicon right the first time.

Another really cool feature of Real Favicon Generator is check your favicon. This tool allows you to input your site and they will then an analysis of what platforms you have covered, and some you may have missed.

3. Favicon.cc

Favicon.cc site logo Favicon.cc allows you to import an image, or paint your own favicon in the style of pixel art, or choose from hundreds of user uploaded designs.

What makes favicon.cc interesting is their animation generator, which allows you to create an animated pixel-art styled favicon!

Favicons created on favicons.cc are currently only available in ico format.

4. Favic-o-matic

Favicomatic Website

Favic-o-matic is a one stop shop that generates the favicon image and code required for your site. You can choose to create just an ico file, or create all the favicons for different platforms.

They also have the favic-o-meter, which reads your website URL and lets you know if you're missing any platform specific favicons which would improve user experience.

5. Fav.farm

fav.farm website

Created by the awesome Wes Bos, fav.farm is the simplest favicon generator, but is a perfect tool for adding a quick favicon to your learning projects.

Wes also shares the code required to use this generator to create a custom cursor!

Do you have a go to favicon generator that isn't listed above? If you do, I'd love to hear about it in the comments 😊

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Written by Kera Cudmore

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