Fixing LlamaIndex Configuration Issues in Next.js

LlamaIndex not working in your Next.js project? This short guide might fix it.

I had issues with llamaIndex in a Next.js because of sharp and/or onnxruntime-node. Thankfully it's an easy fix.

Follow these steps to update your next.config.js file:

  1. Open your next.config.js file: Locate this file in the root directory of your Next.js project.

Update the next.config.js configuration with the following:

/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {
  // (Optional) Export as a static site
  // See
  output: "export", // Feel free to modify/remove this option

  // Override the default webpack configuration
  webpack: (config) => {
    // See
    config.resolve.alias = {
      sharp$: false,
      "onnxruntime-node$": false,
    return config;

export default nextConfig;

  1. Restart your development server: Run npm run dev or yarn dev to restart the Next.js development server.
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