Free Book EVERY JS Developer Should Read

We all know the best way to get better at coding is by... CODING!

But it also helps to get some fundamental knowledge about JavaScript since it's a notoriously quirky language.

Thankfully, there are unlimited resources out there to learn from.

One that just came up on my feed that I wasn't aware of is the 4th Edition of "Eloquent JavaScript" (link).

The cover of Eloquent JavaScirpt which is a yellow book with the text "Eloquent JavaScript, 4th Edition"

I've got the paperback of the 2nd edition, and it's one of those books that I think everyone should have.

I didn't realize that the book is completely free to read online!

So please do yourself a favor, bookmark it, and start reading it TODAY!

Thank you Marijn! Keep up the amazing work.

Read it online here.

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