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I started exploring AI code reviewing options for Codú recently since I rarely have my code reviewed and am prone to making mistakes.

I had a few choices:

  1. Build my own
  2. Use an open-source GitHub action
  3. Pay for a service

The option I chose was 3-ish.

I found CodeRabbit, which looked like a comprehensive solution and would help catch some issues before I merge them.

And then I got an even better surprise...

It's FREE for open-source! Or $12 a month for private repositories (which is still a great value, in my opinion).

How to setup

The setup was ridiculously easy on GitHub.

  1. Sign-in to CodeRabbit with GitHub.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect it to the repositories you want reviews on.
  3. Open a PR and watch the magic happen! 🪄

What you get

  1. Pull Request Summary: When a pull request is created or updated, the bot generates a summary. It includes both a summary and a detailed walkthrough of changes in each file.

  2. Code Review Feedback: The bot posts comments on the lines of code that have changed. It offers feedback and suggestions in a format that can be copied or applied with a single click.

  3. Chat with CodeRabbit: You can talk with CodeRabbit! Ask questions, generate code, or get feedback within the review context. The bot learns from these interactions, improving its responses over time.

  4. Issue Validation: Confirm your changes against any linked issues in GitHub or GitLab. And as a cool bonus, it also identifies other issues that might harm the proposed changes.

  5. Pull Request Review Status: Get pull request review statuses! This shows which commit IDs were reviewed and which files were examined (or ignored). You'll then get a summary of the feedback and comments for each review.

So far, from a brief test drive, I'm impressed, but I'll check back in a few weeks with a full review of what I like and dislike about CodeRabbit!

Until then, see you later! ✌️

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