Guest Appearance on the MongoDB Podcast!

I recently chatted with Shane McAlister on the MongoDB podcast, and it went live today!

We discussed my work in Marsh McLennan as the Leader of InnerSource and building the Codú community!

If you are interested, you can listen to the episode here.

Here's the excerpt for the episode:

In this episode, we meet Niall Maher and talk about InnerSource, which is a software development strategy that applies open source practices to proprietary code. InnerSource can help establish an open source culture within an organization while retaining software for internal use. In addition to discussing innersource, we’ll also hear about building communities. Niall is the founder of Codu, a supportive community space for coders and developers that’s going from strength to strength

I hope you find it useful!

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Written by Niall Maher

Founder of Codú - The web developer community! I've worked in nearly every corner of technology businesses; Lead Developer, Software Architect, Product Manager, CTO and now happily a Founder.


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