Hactoberfest 2023 with Codú

Hello Codú friends! 🌟

October is approaching, and we're excited to announce that Codú is participating in Hacktoberfest 2023!

This year, we're inviting all of you to contribute to our open-source projects and get exclusive rewards!

🔗 How to Participate

🎁 Exclusive Rewards for Codú Contributors

If your PR is merged into our Codú projects, you will receive a special Codú Hacktoberfest Badge for your profile! And a shareable badge linked to your email.

A purple badge for Hacktoberfest contributors

The top 3 contributors will get exclusive Codú swag!

A special shoutout in our Codú Newsletter and Social Media for the top contributors!

🌐 Join the Conversation

Hop into our Codú Discord (whichever is relevant) for any help, collaboration, or to find teammates for pair programming! You get a free invite emailed to you when you sign up here.

📅 Key Dates

October 1st: Hacktoberfest kick-off! Start contributing! October 31st: Last day to submit PRs. November 7th: Winners announcement!

🌱 A Few Things to Remember

  • Contributions to Codú projects during Hacktoberfest will also count toward your 4 PRs needed for the official Hacktoberfest!
  • Always ensure your contributions are meaningful. Quality over quantity!
  • Respect the Hacktoberfest Code of Conduct and our community guidelines.

We're super excited to see what you all bring to the table! Let's make this Hacktoberfest a memorable one with the Codú Community!

Happy Hacking! 💡

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