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One of the best ways to learn and also to keep yourself motivated when learning JavaScript is to have fun with it, meaning creating appealing projects to you, and with which you can learn while having fun with the code.

I've listed few projects that are both easy to build and easy to extend with new features.

Find bellow several project ideas that will hopefully make you see the fun in using JavaScript:

/* Project 1: Chat App */

A chat application, some sort of stripped-down Slack, where users can enter without authentication needed. They App will then assign users a name which will be stored and saved so they can come back to the same account. This will need some sort of history store, messages system, and notifications system.

/* Project 2: Book Database */

A database where you can store your own books (containing books info and images), having the possibility of creating a list of books you'd like to read/buy.

Also you could add a book reviews system where other users can type their thoughts on the reading (similar to Codú articles comment).

/* Project 3: Recipes App */

An App that allows you to create a new recipe (name, steps, description, images/video) and will also rank recipes according to its difficulty and/or time required.

This will also involved a database where recipes are stored.

/* Project 4: Pomodoro App */

It will involve users setting specific time, a start button, and an alert in place when the time is over.

/* Project 5: Q&A system*/

A QA system that will allow user to login, ask/answer questions as well as ranking best questions/replies made by other users.

In this case, data should be stored in a database.

Check out this video for more ideas: tutorial

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