How To Get a Death by JavaScript T-Shirt 👀

Since our last event, I've received many messages asking, "Where can I buy the Death by JavaScript T-shirts?"

Some sad news... You can't.

But, if you "really need one," as I was told by a couple of folks after a few pints the other evening, here's what you can do:

If you donate €40 or more to Codú to support our events and platform, I'll send you one as a gift! I've made a link here where you can donate and support all the work in Codú.

Picture of a person wearing the death by JavaScript tshirt

*I designed it on Procreate after being inspired by this site.

All and any support is appreciated! It helps us spend more time on the community platform and even bigger events. 🤖

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Written by Niall Maher

Founder of Codú - The web developer community! I've worked in nearly every corner of technology businesses; Lead Developer, Software Architect, Product Manager, CTO and now happily a Founder.


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