Interview Prep Resources Recommended by our Community

Yesterday, I gave a mentoring session and got recommendations from the group on all the resources people use (and recommend) to prepare for interviews.

Here are the resources that were suggested to bookmark for your use later:

Online Coding Platforms

Enhance your coding skills by solving challenges and competing with others:

  • CodeWars - Join the Codú clan to compare your skills with others. Visit CodeWars
  • HackerRank - Participate in coding challenges and competitions. Visit HackerRank
  • Codility - Solve coding challenges to prepare for technical interviews. Visit Codility

Interview Preparation and Tips

Prepare for technical interviews with these tools and tutorials:

  • Mock Interview with Senior JS Developer - Watch a simulated interview to get insights into the interview process. Watch on YouTube
  • Interview Tips on YouTube - Get valuable tips from experts. Channels to watch:
  • - An AI interviewer that provides live, conversational interviews and real-time evaluations. Visit
  • Interview Warmup by Google - Practice your interview skills with AI-powered feedback. Visit Interview Warmup

Learning Resources and Courses

Deepen your understanding of software development with these comprehensive resources:

  • The Last Algorithms Course You'll Need - A complete course to master algorithms. Visit Frontend Masters
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Roadmap - A guide to understanding essential data structures and algorithms. Visit Roadmap
  • Brad Traversy Coding Challenges - Solve JavaScript challenges to improve your coding skills. Visit GitHub
  • You Don’t Know JavaScript - Deep dive into JavaScript concepts and nuances. Visit GitHub
  • Top 500 ReactJS Interview Questions & Answers - Prepare for React interviews with this comprehensive question list. Visit GitHub

Let me know in the comments if you'd recommend anything else.

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