JS Quick Tips! 3 Ways to Get Unique Values from an Array. 🚀

In this super short article, learn how to create 3 different functions that return all of the unique values in an array.

This is a typical interview question and pretty handy in your day job. 🦾

You can watch the video version here or keep scrolling for the code snippets.

1) Filter the values 👇

const getUniqueValues = array => (
  array.filter((currentValue, index, arr) => arr.indexOf(currentValue) === index)

2) Using reduce 👇

const getUniqueValues = array => array.reduce(
  (accumulator, currentValue) => (
    accumulator.includes(currentValue) ? accumulator : [...accumulator, currentValue]
  ), []

3) Destructure a new Set 👇

const getUniqueValues = array => [...new Set(array)];

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