Lessons learnt as a Junior (part II)

Following on my last article, bellow are other tips based on my experience as a Junior Frontend Developer. Hope this helps you navigating through this challenging period.

/* 4. Memorize Code */

How can we memorize code? Undoubtedly, that’s the real challenge.

I have noticed that no matter how hard I try to memorize the code, whether they are names of some JS functions and their use (array methods such as: .find(), .findIndex(), and .indexOf() ) or simply know how to spell .length() correctly, it is difficult to memorize the code.

That’s why is so important to understand how long-term memory works. In order to get the code syntax stick into out long-term memory, the following tips have helped a lot:

  • Be an active learner: watching tutorials over and over again is not enough. Instead, writing code, making your own notes, document, and applying any new code learnt as many times as possible (e.g. In your portfolio) is a most effective way to memorize code.

  • Come to terms with the fact that you will forget many things and that’s OK: Understanding this in depth changed the way I learn. The best developers that I know do not waste time studying code, instead they have great googling skills. So, learn how to Google it might be far more useful than spending millions of hours trying to memorize code syntax.

  • Mimic Senior dev approach: I have learned by watching and mimicking experienced developers writing code and approaching issues. Having the opportunity to see a Senior performing a task is invaluable and a great learning opportunity.

Be patient, give yourself time to learn, find the manner that suits you better and, eventually, code will get into your long-term memory.

/* 5. Take Breaks */

Do not forget that burnt out is 100% real.

So, whether is by going for a walk, getting a good gym/workout session done, or just by simply walking, I definitely would advise getting some fresh air recharge your batteries often.

Learn how to rest, find whatever works better for you and prioritize yourself first.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano … Remember we do need a healthy & happy brain in order to do our best.

/* 6. Get rid of expectations */

Being a Junior is the best period for trying out new things you never imaged you would like, meaning performing a wide variety of tasks, from databases to design, despite you are set as a "Front End Developer" in your Degree certificate.

Not only this can lead you to become a better developer as well as getting to know your preferences better but also it can be very fun and open the doors for future opportunities.

Therefore, try new things before it’s too late but make sure any choice is aligned with your path.

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