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Linkedin can be a fantastic tool for software developers while job hunting, and to connect with others in the community. Lets say you've spent a long weekend collaboratively working on a project during a hackathon, or spent weeks perfecting a portfolio project. This article will walk you through how you can add those projects to your Linkedin profile, enabling you to share that project with potential employers and the wider developer community.

Why share projects on Linkedin?

Sharing the projects on Linkedin makes it even easier for employers/recruiters to view examples of your work - they're far more likely to look at the project and repo if they're easily available to them through a simple click of the button, compared to if they have to go looking for those link themselves.

It also allows you to evidence if you have experience of working with others collaboratively, and skills you've used on each project - which can be a great selling point for someone just starting in the industry!

How to share projects on Linkedin?

  1. Navigate to your profile page, scroll down to the projects section & click the + button to create a new project.

Project Section on linkedin

  1. This will open up the add project modal, with several different sections for you to fill in - lets take them one by one!

Project Modal

Project Name

Starting off simple with the name of the project.


A description of the project can be added here. Note there is a 2,000 character limit, so make sure to share the key points in the description of your project - don't forget you can include a link to the repository, which would then provide a more comprehensive overview of the project.

I like to use a similar format for all projects - I start with a brief description of the project, what the purpose of creating the project was (for example a hackathon project, or a course project), a list of the languages & technologies used in the project and how the project was deployed.


The skills section is a great way to evidence any skills you've added to your skill section. Add things like time management and team work & collaboration, to the languages and technologies you've used.


This is where you can really let your project shine! Add some screenshots of the project, links to the repo and the deployed site, the project brief or feedback from a project. I like to include badges received for hackathon projects here too.

You could even go the extra mile and upload a video walkthrough of your sites showcasing features and expanding on future plans for the site.

Additional Details

This section allows you to select whether you are still currently working on the project, together with start and end dates for the project.


This section allows you to promote other people that also contributed to the project - for example your team mates if the project was a hackathon project. You will need to be connected to the person to add them to the project.

Associated With

This field allows you to associate the project with a job position or education setting that you can select from the drop down menu. This can be great to associate any projects that you've completed as part of a bootcamp with that educational provider, or if you have a project that you've been working on as part of your job, you can attribute it to that position.

I would just caveat that for work projects, it would be worth double checking with your employer they are happy for you to add a project, in case there are any issues or rules that need to be adhered to with sharing.

  1. Once you've saved the project, you will be given the option to share your project in a post to your network. Select Start a Post button to create a new post or select Skip to finish. You should now be able to see the project on your profile page 🥳

You can also edit projects if needed, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the add project button, and then you just need to select the pencil icon next to the project you want to edit.

Do you share your projects on your Linkedin profile? I'd love to hear if there's anything else you include in the comments below

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