My Core Content Creation Tools

I was asked this week about some of the tooling I use to create content.

So in this post, I will list some of the core software and hardware I use to create high-quality content.

*I've been slow on content recently, but I've been polishing my tools to get back to work! *


On the software front, I use a few different things depending on the type of content.

Hardware for streaming and video recording

This is definitely the most complicated set of things I use and I would recommend watching a few YouTube videos on the bigger pieces of equipment before you decide if you need something so complex (and somewhat excessive for making YouTube videos and Zoom calls).

Although the links point to Amazon, my usual place for music or audio is Thomann.




Don't let your gear stop you!

You have a phone in your pocket; start with that.

Or you can screen record without a camera if it's for informational content.

You can get fancy later, so don't make excuses.

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