My Spotify Playlists for Coding and Focus

Music helps me focus.

Here's my usual rotation of playlists depending on my mood:

Lush Lofi

I'm a big fan of chilled lo-fi beats to keep me focused. This is for when I need long periods uninterrupted.

Deep Focus

Well, this one is designed for focus! And with 11 hours (currently and growing), this ambient playlist is another great one for settling into a long coding session.

StreamBeats - Lofi

This one is in my rotation for streaming! It's royalty-free so if I have it on while livestreaming a code session, my videos don't get removed.

Learning Music

I've read conflicting reports that music at 60 bpm can help you focus. This playlist is a lot of classical baroque-style music at that tempo to give you an edge while studying.

00s Rock Anthems

Some anthems that got me through my angsty teenage years. As a guitarist, I always return to my old rock anthems when I need a pick-me-up! Not great for deep work, but it definitely gets me to improve my air-guitar/finger drumming skills...

What are you listening to?

Let me know in the comments! 👇

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