New Feature Alert - Notifications 🔔

Hey everyone! 🙌

I'd like to draw your attention to the shiny new bell in your navigation bar (if you are currently logged in). 🔔

We recently introduced discussions but there needed to be a major improvement...

Nobody knew when people were commenting on their posts!

So now you will see a pulsing pink dot on your notification icon if you have notifications, which will look like this:

Screenshot of the new bell icon with a notification signal

If you click on the icon, you will see a new notifications page.

Here you will find all the updates we think are important you know about.

Here's a preview: Screenshot of the notifications page

Current notifications

Currently, we will let you know when there are two different events:

  • When someone starts a discussion on your post
  • When someone replies to you in a discussion

Try it for yourself!

Leave a comment below, and we will reply so you can see it working. ❤️


Let us know what other notifications you'd like to receive in the discussion below.

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