Node.js 22 Has Just Been Released! 🚀

Node.js 22 has just been released! Here's a super short look at some of the things that I think are major highlights:

  • Support for requiring ES modules.
  • Inclusion of a built-in WebSocket client.
  • Updates to the V8 JavaScript engine, now at version 12.4, featuring enhancements like WebAssembly Garbage Collection and new Array and Set utilities.
  • New experimental features for running package.json scripts directly with a CLI flag and supporting synchronous ESM graphs.
  • Improved stream performance with a higher default high water mark.
  • Watch Mode is now stable, so restarting the Node.js process will be done upon file changes.
  • Addition of glob and globSync to the node:fs module for pattern matching file paths.

Node.js 22 is the current release and will move into long-term support (LTS) in October. For now, dive into these updates and see how they can help you build your applications!

👉 Download Node.js 22.0.0 here. 👉 Full release details are available on the Node.js blog.

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