Podcasts for Django Developers

Continuing with my podcast article series - I've rounded up some Podcasts aimed at Django Developers for your listening pleasure!

1. Django Chat

Django Chat Podcast Logo

A podcast all about the Django Web Framework hosted by William Vincent and Carlton Gibson with Django developer guests from across the world. With over 150 episodes available, there's sure to be a topic that interests you!

2. Django Girls

Django Girls Podcast Logo

This podcast shares the stories of the attendees, coaches and organisers of the popular Django Girl workshops which are hosted worldwide.

3. Django Riffs

Django Riffs Podcast Logo

Explore Django with Matt Layman as he dives into a different feature of the framework each episode.

4. Built with Django

Built with Django Podcast Logo

A small podcast series where Rasul Kireev interviews Django developers about their projects and tips for working with the framework.Built with Django also has an amazing website with guides and projects to learn Django.

5. Django Stars

Django Stars Podcast Logo

A Django development company, DjangoStars, based in the US, share their insights and knowledge relating to the framework, processes and the wider business.

It was really tough to find Django podcasts that are still releasing new content - so if you know of any Django podcasts I've missed that you think should have made the list, share them in the comments below 😊

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Written by Kera Cudmore

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