Podcasts for Pythonistas 🐍

Following on from some of my previous articles: Podcasts for Junior Developers and Podcasts for React & JS Developers, I've compiled a list of 6 podcasts perfect for all you Pythonistas!

1. The Real Python Podcast

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This weekly podcast airs every Friday morning - bringing you weekly interviews with guests from the python community along with some useful coding tips, career advice and best practices.

2. Python Bytes

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Want to stay abreast of all the latest Python developer news, but don't want to spend hours scouring the internet for it? Tune into Python Bites every week and listen to the best picks curated by the hosts Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken.

### 3. Talk Python To Me

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Another podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy, however Talk Python To Me is a more in-depth hour-long conversation with industry experts covering python and related topics.

### 4. Teaching Python

Teaching Python Banner

Kelly Paredes and Sean Tibor share their adventures of teaching middle school computer science using the Python programming language.

### 5. Pybites

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PyBites is perfect for anyone interested in python and covers python Development, career advice and mindset skills along with lots of other tips and tricks. Hosted by the Co-Founders of PyBites, Bob Belderbos and Julian Sequeira.

### 6. Sad Python Girls Club

Sad Python Girls Club Banner

A podcast that gives you an insight into the VSCode python team - with their perspective on the python ecosystem and where VSCode fits in. Hosted by Kim-Adeline Miguel and Luciana Abud.

Are you a regular listener of any of the above, or have I missed a podcast that you think is a must listen? Let me know in the comments 😊

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Written by Kera Cudmore

Junior Software Developer at the Met Office | Code Institute Alumna.


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