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After trying my best to learn Jupyter Notebook over the last two-ish weeks, I found that trying to do certain things was a bit of a hassle. Basically I got bored of doing everything manually, so I started looking for the shortcuts that are available in Jupyter Notebook that I could use. Here's a list of almost all of the ones I used and found useful.

Before diving in, it's worth noting that Jupyter Notebook has two modes. These are Command Mode and Edit Mode. There's a small list of shortcuts that can be done in both, so I’ll go over those ones first:

Shift + Enter Runs the current cell and selects the cell below it.

Ctrl + Enter Runs the selected cells

Alt + Enter Runs the current cell, and inserts a cell below it

Ctrl + S Saves the file

Moving on to the next list of shortcuts, these ones can only be done while you’re in Command Mode, just hit Escape to activate Command Mode.

Up to select the cell above

Down to select the cell below

Shift + Up to extend the selected cells above

Shift + Down to extend the selected cells below

A will insert a cell above the currently selected cell

B will insert a cell below the currently selected cell

X to cut the selected cells

C to copy selected cells

V to paste cells below

Shift + V to paste cells above

D, D to delete the selected cells (press D twice)

Z Undo

S Saves the file

Y will change the cell type to Code

M will change the cell type to Markdown

Finally, the list of shortcuts usable when Edit Mode is active. To activate Edit Mode, just hit Enter.

Tab for code completion (auto complete) or to indent

Ctrl + ] to indent

Ctrl + [ to dedent

Ctrl + A will Select All

Ctrl + Z Undo

Ctrl + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Y redo

Ctrl + Home to go to cell start

Ctrl + End to go to cell end

Ctrl + Left Jump to the end of the previous word

Ctrl + Right Jump to the end of the next word

That's all the shortcuts I've used so far, and they've come in handy, so hopefully you find them useful too!

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