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Writing effective and informative documentation is critical for the success of any software project.

For most projects, the README file, which serves as the first point of contact for users and collaborators, is an essential component of this documentation.

Here's where comes in.

I'm lazy and stumbled across this tool recently, which is very handy if you, like me, get stuck when thinking about what to write in a blank

What is

It's a minimal, user-friendly, efficient platform to help you generate clean, professional README files.

The app simplifies the process of creating files for software projects by providing an intuitive web-based application that offers a collection of pre-built templates, formatting options, and easy-to-use editing tools that help developers generate polished and comprehensive files quickly and efficiently.

Select the button of the section you need, and that adds your pre-formatted areas to your and then changes your text.

Screenshot of the editor

How to Use

Using to create a README file is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Customize your README by adding, removing, or rearranging sections using the buttons on the editor.
  3. Fill in the content for each section using markdown syntax for formatting.
  4. Preview your README file to ensure it appears as desired on various platforms.
  5. Export your file or copy the raw markdown.
  6. Add the exported README file or markdown to your project's repository.

Tools like allow developers to focus on their project's core aspects while ensuring their documentation remains updated and informative. So it's a win for me so definitely bookmark it for the next time you need to add some documentation.

Huge thanks to Katherine Oelsner for putting this app together! Simple and effective (like all good apps should be). 🙌

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