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For my second portfolio project for Code Institute, I implemented a Rock! Paper! Scissors! Lizard! Spock! game. To make the rounds a bit more challenging, the user had a limited time to make a choice once the computer's choice had been revealed. I wanted the game tiles, which contained images for the user's choices, to be shuffled after each round in the game to add just a little extra hand-eye coordination to the game.

The task involves shuffling the array of game tile objects. The problem, however, is that JavaScript does not have a built-in shuffle() method for array elements as other programming languages do. In this article, I show you how to shuffle the elements of an array in JavaScript and apply it to a game.


Here is how I have set up the HTML for the game. The <img> elements are nested within a <game-tile-panel> which is custom HTML element. (If you want to learn how to make your own custom HTML elements, check out this article I wrote which shows you how.)

<game-tile-panel class="flex-container tile-area">
    <img id="rock-tile" class="game-tile" data-value="rock" src="assets/images/rock.png" alt="rock">
    <img id="paper-tile" class="game-tile" data-value="paper" src="assets/images/paper.png" alt="paper">
    <img id="scissors-tile" class="game-tile" data-value="scissors" src="assets/images/scissors.png" alt="scissors">
    <img id="lizard-tile" class="game-tile" data-value="lizard" src="assets/images/lizard.png" alt="lizard">
    <img id="spock-tile" class="game-tile" data-value="spock" src="assets/images/spock.png" alt="spock">

Shuffling an Array's Elements

Here is the code for a method to shuffle an array's elements. It is taken from the following Stack Overflow article: How to randomize a JavaScript array?.

function shuffle(array) {
    let currentIndex = array.length, randomIndex;

    // While there remain elements to shuffle.
    while (currentIndex != 0) {

        // Pick a remaining element.
        randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * currentIndex);

        // And swap it with the current element.
        [array[currentIndex], array[randomIndex]] = [
            array[randomIndex], array[currentIndex]];

    return array;
  • We first create two variables. One is called currentIndex and set its value to the length of the array. In the same line, we also declare randomIndex. Its value is uninitialized.

  • We setup a while loop that counts down from the current index.

  • In the next line, we create a randomIndex variable and store a random index. Notice that we use Math.floor(Math.random()*currentIndex). Math.floor() rounds the argument down to the next integer. Math.random() will generate a random number between 0 and 1. Multiplying this decimal by the currentIndex will ensure that the output will be between 0 and currentIndex.

  • The method that swaps is a shorthand:

array[currentIndex], array[randomIndex] = [
    array[randomIndex], array[currentIndex]];

This will swap the values of array[currentIndex] and array[randomIndex]. A traditional way to do it would be like this:

let temp = array[currentIndex];
array[currentIndex] = array[tempIndex];
array[tempIndex] = temp;

  • In the last line, the array is returned.

Shuffling the HTML Elements on the Screen

function shuffleTiles() {
    let tilePanelArray = document.getElementsByTagName("game-tile-panel");
    let tilePanel = tilePanelArray[0];

    let newTileArray = [];

    let tiles = tilePanel.children;
    for (let i = 0; i < tiles.length; i++) {

    newTileArray = shuffle(newTileArray);
    tilePanel.innerHTML = "";

    for (let tile of newTileArray) {
  • We first get all of the elements in the <game-tile-panel>. Notice that the method is getElementsByTagName() which returns an array. Since there is only one <game-tile-panel>, we know that the first element of this array must be the <game-tile-panel>. We therefore fetch it with let tilePanel = tilePanelArray[0]; and store it in the variable tilePanel.

  • We then declare an empty array called newTileArray.

  • The tiles themselves are stored in a variable tiles and we retrieve them by calling tilePanel.children.

  • In the next line we copy the concents of tiles into newTileArray. We have to do this because the tiles array is immutable.

  • We call the shuffle function, passing the contents of newTileArray as an argument. shuffle() then returns a new array with the same contents, but in a random order. This new array is assigned to newTileArray.

  • The tilePanel is emptied of all its contents by setting its innerHTML to an empty string.

  • For each tile in the newTileArray, the tile is appended to the tilePanel.

That is all there is to it!

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