The Codú Year-End Summary 2023

This year, we launched Codú as a community platform with simple features, including writing blogs, commenting, saving, and liking posts.

Big Growth

What started as a hobby is quickly evolving into something much more, and looking at our stats this year, we are blown away by the progress.

We launched this simple version of the site in mid-January 2023, so we've had less than 12 months to grow it, and here's what we achieved:

  • 30,000 visitors
  • 500+ signups to our platform
  • 50+ contributors on GitHub

We are still in beta, so we've been blown away that we have seen as much adoption as we have already. We planned on keeping things much stealthier, but we couldn't hide what we were working on. 👀


Although the platform is fun, we also did a lot of in-person events, 1-1s, CV reviews, and as much as we could handle while we still having day jobs.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 12 in-person events (where we met 800+ different people this year)
  • 20+ "Monday morning Mentor Sessions"
  • 200+ pizzas 🍕

What's next?

We've been making shipping improvements all year, and in 2024, we will continue to do the same!

We have some major plans, so I'm excited for our 2024 review to see how things unfold.

We will publish our roadmap in early 2024, so stay tuned!

Some Special Shoutouts

Codú is community-driven, and we couldn't keep up the momentum without the amazing people in our community.

But given that it's the year-end, we wanted to highlight some people who blew us away:

Top Article

Our number one article this year was 5 Free Trivia API's to create your own quiz app by Kera Cudmore. 🏆

If you haven't checked it out, you should!

We are excited to see more from Kera in 2024. 👀

Top Contributor

Daniel Callaghan has been one of the year's most consistent and heavy hitters!

He was one of the earliest contributors and contributed nearly 20,000 lines of code this year! 🤯

Top Moderator

We couldn't manage our Discord as well as it is without all of our moderators, but one person stood out for the countless times they took the initiative, including suggesting improvements, calling our standups, enforcing our guidelines, and making it an awesome place to hang out — this year that is Anthony O' Brien.

Thank You!

Codú is all about our friends and supporters.

We couldn't do it without you!

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