Try These Tailwind Libraries/Kits - My Top 5

Tailwind has become a staple of mine over the last year.

I won't go into all the reasons I love it in this article because this one is about how to get even more productive with Tailwind with a Tailwind library.

What's a Tailwind Library?

"Wait a minute? Are you telling me you need a library for your library?"

Obviously, no, but there are some benefits.

Rather than building up your core components with Tailwind, these libraries will give you fully styled-components, usually with just a single class name.

Sometimes it's just a preconfigured set of Tailwind classes you can copy and paste to complete the job faster.

We will have examples of both in this list!

The List

Here are a few for you to try:



This one is easy as it gets. Simply find your desired component and copy and paste the code into your app. No extra libraries are needed! No specific framework support, but since it's just Tailwind, you should be able to get it working for your needs.



This free plugin for Tailwind will have you creating components faster than ever. Add it to your Tailwind config, and you'll get access to their custom classes, instantly adding beautiful components to your app. It has fantastic documentation and examples for all of your favorite libraries.

Material Tailwind

FREE and PAID options

Material Design has been a common design pattern for more than a decade. If you've never used a Material library or come across the design pattern, you'll no doubt quickly recognize some of the styles when you visit this site. Material Tailwind supports HTML and React.js.



HyperUI has a tonne of components you can find and use for free!

I'm impressed with the variety of options HyperUI has!

Another one with no extra libraries needed! No specific framework support, but since it's just Tailwind, you should be able to get it working for your needs.

Tailwind UI

PAID - Worth every penny, and support the tailwind creators!

The Tailwind team creates this one, and the quality is phenomenal. I bought this back when it was early access, and it's been an amazing bang for buck with how quickly it helps me set up great-looking apps!

If you will pay for some Tailwind components, this is the one I'd recommend, as you'll directly support the Tailwind ecosystem and get a huge variety of pre-built components.

No extra libraries are needed; it's all Tailwind with React and HTML examples.

Are there any you use that you think deserve a mention?

If so, let me know in the comments. 👇

Happy coding! ✨

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