Vercel Build Dependency Caching Workaround | Vercel Cache Prisma Error

Stumbled across this error? 👇

Prisma has detected that this project was built on Vercel, which caches dependencies.
This leads to an outdated Prisma Client because Prisma's auto-generation isn't triggered.
To fix this, make sure to run the `prisma generate` command during the build process.

Learn how:

Update your package.json

It can be fixed by overriding the build script in your package.json.

  "scripts" {
    "build": "prisma generate && <actual-build-command>"

Override your build settings in Vercel

You can also update it straight from the Vercel UI.

Go to your project settings and override the build settings to run prisma generate && <actual-build-command> or if it's a Next.js project here's the full example:

npx prisma generate && next build

Screenshot of the build override settings

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