VSCode Zen Mode

What is it?

This is a nice feature I've grown to love with VSCode.

So Zen Mode is a editor view mode that by default hides all UI Elements in VSCode, and opens a distraction free editor. I personally am a big fan of this.

No Side Bars No Menu Bar No Terminals No notifications

All "toggled off" with a single keyboard shortcut. Visual Studio Zen Mode enabled

I know most people like to use ctrl + b to toggle the primary side bar activity, but after using Zen Mode for the last while, and I have to say, I do like it.

Using Zen Mode

  • Use the ctrl+shift+p and search for Zen
  • View > Appearance > Zen Mode
  • Ctrl+K Z keyboard shortcut (double tap esc to exit mode)


Not a huge fan of the Centered Layout so I've that toggled off, and I don't like that the line-numbers are hidden so those are displayed.

I have also adjusted the default keyboard shortcut as the original is not easy.

If you open settings and search for "zen" you'll find these options. Visual Studio Zen Mode Settings Visual Studio Zen Mode Settings for notifications

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