What We Use to Send Our Newsletter on Codú

We have a treat for you if you're like us at Codú, always searching for the best tools to streamline your work without breaking the bank.

We started sending our newsletter two weeks ago to hundreds of people, and because we are optimistic, we wanted to make sure we have scale in mind.

Enter Sendy.co, the platform we are leaning on to send email.

Why Sendy? Well, here's a few reasons:


First, let's talk money because, let's face it, a budget is a big deal for everyone, especially for startups and small businesses like ours.

Unlike other services that charge an arm and a leg as your subscriber list grows, Sendy.co charges a once-off payment. You can integrate with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service), meaning you can leverage Amazon's infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

We're talking as little as $1 per 10,000 emails sent.

Yep, you read that right.

It's a game-changer for keeping your overheads low while still being able to engage with your audience effectively.

Full Control Over Your Campaigns

From crafting personalized content to managing subscriber lists, everything is just a few clicks away.

They can create multiple brands, schedule campaigns, make as many lists as you need, and really anything you need for running an email operation.

It's incredibly user-friendly, so we were up and running in one day. It took longer waiting for AWS to increase my SES quota than setting it up.


As a bonus, you host it on your own server, which means you have full ownership of your data.

This is a huge plus for those who are a bit paranoid about privacy and data security. I was worried about having someone else own my user's data, and by self-hosting, we could easily avoid that concern.

Detailed Analytics at Your Fingertips

Understanding how your audience interacts with your emails is crucial for improving your content and strategy.

Sendy.co offers detailed analytics, allowing you to track opens, clicks, bounces, and more. This means you can see what's working (or not) in real time, making it easier to tweak and improve your campaigns for better engagement.

This feature is invaluable for optimizing our newsletters and connecting with our community. We can see what's working and what's not working.

The Forum

This is what really helped me hit the buy button. The support forums are bustling with activity, tips, and tricks from fellow users, making it a great environment for troubleshooting or seeing what other people are doing.

If you're unsure how to manage your newsletters or want to switch from your current service, consider Sendy.co.

Thanks to the Italian stallion Flavio Copes for showing it to me.

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Written by Niall Maher

Founder of Codú - The web developer community! I've worked in nearly every corner of technology businesses; Lead Developer, Software Architect, Product Manager, CTO and now happily a Founder.


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