Why I Recommend JavaScript as Your First Programming Language

When I was introduced to programming, I was overwhelmed by various languages, each promising to open doors to different coding realms.

I tried Python, PHP, and Ruby, and spent countless hours on YouTube trying to find the "best" one.

One language emerged as a crucial cornerstone for my learning journey: JavaScript (or, as you might see it in shorthand, "JS").

Based on my personal experience, I recommend it as the perfect starting point for anyone's coding journey for several reasons.

In this article, I'll try to convince you to try it.

Client-Side to Server-Side and everything in between.

With JavaScript, you can create interactive elements for web pages (front-end) and manage databases and server logic (back-end). This end-to-end development capability with a single language was a game-changer for me.

When I started learning to program, I was advised that I'd need to learn one language for front-end development (HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript) and a different one for the back end, such as Python or Java. However, this is no longer the case thanks to Node.js, a JavaScript runtime.

Another huge win was I didn't have to switch contexts between different syntaxes and conventions.

Instead, I was able to focus on understanding broader programming concepts and paradigms, such as object-oriented and functional programming, which JavaScript comfortably supports.

This also made interviews easier because I only had to focus on one coding language to solve both front-end and back-end language for full-stack roles (the developer roles for people who code all parts of an application).

**But it's not limited to just web development. **With the tooling today, you can write native apps, desktop apps, games, or even fly a drone with it!

You'll be surprised how much you can achieve once you go down the rabbit hole.

Giant Community and Learning Resources

One cannot overstate the value of having a strong community when learning a new programming language.

JavaScript boasts some of the largest and most active coding communities. The amount of educational resources, tools, libraries, and frameworks available to JavaScript developers is stunning.

When I was stuck or wanted to learn more about a specific topic, a quick Google search led me to many blog posts, StackOverflow answers, tutorials, and free online courses.

This wide range of resources allowed me to continually self-educate and refine my skills at my own pace.

Growing Job Market

Most of us don't start without the goal of making some money...

With JavaScript's dominance on the web and the popularity of Node.js for server-side development, the job market for JavaScript developers is growing.

You'll hopefully find peace of mind knowing that my time and effort invested in learning JavaScript could open doors to numerous job opportunities.

Ease of Learning

Last but not least, JavaScript is relatively easy to pick up but also powerful and flexible.


Its syntax is simpler and less stringent than languages like C or Java, making it more forgiving for beginners.

In my experience, this allowed me to quickly start coding and see immediate results, which fueled my energy to continue to learn programming.

JavaScript became my first professional programming language, which has since paved the way for me to dive into other languages and technologies confidently and with a strong foundational understanding.

Words of caution

Remember that learning to code is less about mastering a particular language and more about understanding the fundamental concepts. In that respect, JavaScript proved to be an excellent starting point for me, and I believe it can be for you too.

But remember, CODING IS HARD!

Don't fall for the clickbait...

You won't learn all of JavaScript "in 90 days", but you'll definitely be able to create something cool in that timeframe.

Even though it's difficult, It's rewarding, and choosing the right first language can make a difference.

In my case, JavaScript was the ideal choice.

And, after reading why I think it's great - I hope you stop the hours of research and jump in and get started.

Make your journey start today!

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