Why I Think You Should Study Early in the Mornings

At a recent talk, I chatted about how I always try to convince people to study early in the mornings, and since I was limited on time, I wanted to expand on why I think you should study every day before your working day begins.

There is a major caveat that most people dislike about this.

It means going to bed earlier!

Sadly, I think tiredness will undo most of the benefits that can be gained.

But if you are willing to alter your sleeping patterns, here are the benefits I've gained from studying early every day:

No Distractions

First off, the world is pretty quiet in the morning. This means fewer distractions and more of that precious focus we all chase.

Have you ever tried to study while your housemate is binging the latest series, asking questions, or your neighbor decides it's the perfect time to start their DIY project?

It's not exactly the soundtrack of productive study sessions.

By getting started early you can often avoid the normal distractions that pop up daily and can make it hard to learn and focus on difficult things.

I'm easily distracted, so I can stay focused for longer by being awake before them.

Beating the Excuse Game

Now, about those excuses.

After a long day at work, everything feels like a good reason to skip studying.

"I'm too tired," "I'll just do double tomorrow," or the classic "I deserve a break," suddenly sound very convincing.

In the morning, though, what excuses do you have?

It's too early for most social plans to interfere, and you're less likely to feel drained from the day's work.

You run out of excuses quickly when your day hasn't interfered!

Setting a Positive Tone for the Day

Another point is the sense of accomplishment of finishing your study session early. It sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

You head into work knowing you've already tackled something important, which can boost your mood and productivity.

Plus, the real bonus is that it frees up your evenings for relaxing guilt-free, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones without the cloud of unfinished studying hanging over you.

Building a Habit

Consistency is key in forming any habit, and morning study sessions are no exception. Integrating study into your morning routine helps it become a non-negotiable part of your day, like brushing your teeth or that first cup of coffee.

When you get used to having a block of time in the mornings, you don't have to worry about where you'll get the time to learn.

You can also build the reflex of focus much more easily than if you tried to squeeze it into a random part of the day.

We love patterns and routines, so give yourself the best chance by building that consistent habit!

I know it might take some effort to adjust your schedule and possibly wake up earlier, but I hope you can see why I do what I do.

Are there any other reasons you should or shouldn't study early in the morning?

Let me know in the comments. 👀

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