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It's hard to believe that in 2023 we're still discussing the under-representation of women in technology, but here we are. Last year I wrote a business research project for my Business degree titled: "Women in Tech: Why is there still a lack of female professionals in technology?", and my findings resulted in representativity. We have so many women in our history that changed technology and STEM, and we still have this image that we don't belong. But we do. We were, we are, and we will be there. And it needs to be seen.

Book Recommendation

She's in Ctrl: How Women Can Take Back Tech by Anne-Marie Imafidon

She's in Ctrl book cover

While searching for inspiring women in tech on Instagram during my research, I came across a book that was going to be released soon by the amazing Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon that, unfortunately, I had never heard of before that post. So, needless to say, I preordered the book straight away.

I'm returning to tech after a five-year career break where I changed countries, improved a language, travelled, worked in various jobs I had always been curious about and got a degree. While reading this book, I was confident that I wanted to be back and that now I had a why. And it was not because it was something I liked and had fun doing. It was because I wanted to do more. I want to be there representing. I want to be part of the change and what will come into tech in the future.

This book opened my eyes to how much representativity matters and that we need to be there. We need to bring more women and minorities into tech so that tech is accessible and made for everyone. I don't want to give many spoilers about this book. Still, Dr Anne-Marie talks about her incredible social enterprise, Stemettes, to inspire and connect women and non-binary people to STEM, about the HERstory of Tech and how/why we can get involved in tech. She also brings excellent sources of books, movies, podcasts, and articles that we can check out and get inspired.

It doesn't matter your gender. I highly recommend this book. We need allies on this change, and it's essential to dive into the reasons why.

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